Triangle core analog voltage controlled oscillator based around the famous CEM3340/AS3340 VCO chip. Alongside traditional wave shapes two more variable, morphing waveforms (saw to inverted saw, sine to triangle) and a bi-mode sub-octave output were added. Features:

  • pulse width control (SHAPE) with CV input and attenuator
  • linear or exponential FM input with attenuator
  • 8-position octave switch for quick and precise coarse tuning
  • tune knob controls the pitch continuously over one octave
  • external sync input
  • six waveform outputs
  • sub-octave with switchable range

WIDTH: 8hp
DEPTH: max. 35mm
POWER: +12V:38mA, -12V:35mA

DIY SET (PCBs, anodised panel)

€55 + shipping