Check point is a passive voltage indicator. Touch the check point with the tip of your cable, the LEDs will give you instant visual indication of the incoming voltage’s amplitude (brightness) and polarity (+ or -). The module is connected to ground through the mounting screws and the rail in your eurorack case. In some instances this connection may not be reliable and the module won’t work properly. Rails with threaded strips proved to perform the best. The module does not draw current.

WIDTH: 1hp
DEPTH: max. 5mm
POWER: +12V:0mA, -12V:0mA


€10 + shipping


R1, R2 – current limiting resistors, 0603, their value may vary based on the LEDs you use (4.7kOhm is a good starting point)
L1, L2 – the module is designed to use LEDs with 1.8mm diameter on dome, pick your colour (3mm LEDs can be installed also, but those don’t fit as nice as the smaller ones)