Preliminary User’s Guide: link.
Installing this firmware will erase your presets and requires recalibration of DAC outputs. Currently available only for 3U (Eurorack) version. Write down your Debounce and Sensitivity settings, so you can reset them after uploading the new firmware. If you have any questions or remarks please contact me via e-mail:

Uploading the HEX file:
– download and install Teensy loader
– download binary HEX file
– check if the 5V trace on your Teensy is cut through (if yes: you need to power the Teensy from your TSNM module, if not: cut it, or upload the firmware by removing the Teensy from your TSNM module, powering it directly from USB)
– open the HEX file in the Teensy Loader
– make sure a USB cable is connected to the Teensy (and/or your TSNM module is powered up)
– press the program push button on the Teensy board
– click the Program icon (or choose Program from the menu in Teensy Loader)
– wait while the firmware upload finishes (this may take a few seconds)
– click the Reboot icon
– your TSNM should now run the updated firmware

– fixes calibration issues
– random arp playmode is back
– implemented slew limiting for pressure

Removed features:
– “microtonal” (quarter note) adjustment of note output
– length of sequencer steps

New features:
– new internal structure (keyboard -> arp -> sequencer -> quantiser -> portamento -> vibrato -> output)
– internal clock
– individual clock multiplication/division for arp and sequencer
– rhythm sequencer for arpeggiator
– gate types per step (ratcheting) for note sequencer
– new and improved recording mode for note sequencer
– pressure output can act like a proper AD, ASR or looping AD envelope generator
– internal modulation options for various parameters of envelope generator
– a second voltage sequencer available at pressure output
– 8 user editable scales for quantiser
– portamento (gliding) shapes
– vibrato (with pressure controlled depth)
– 2 note polyphony (please keep in mind that the pressure CV output has only 12-bit resolution, don’t expect the same precision as for the note CV output)